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Tips from Fred Auzenne for ensuring that the right people are in the right position in an organization

Every business leader knows how critical it is to hire the right people for the correct position and how challenging it is to get the right fit says, Fred Auzenne. Business leaders want the best people for their teams, but each team member should play their role perfectly. Giving a feeling that there could not have been a better person for the position. 

According to Fred Auzenne, who attaches a lot of importance to building strong company culture to foster growth, each hiring that flops due to the wrong choice of an employee for the position can cause massive loss to the organization. For each new employee that defies the expectations of employers. The loss of the organization can be almost a third of what the employee would earn in the first year.

To choose the right people for the correct position, business leaders can get some advantage from the tips discussed here.

Realign employees by focusing on their personality

Before swapping people between positions to improve performance. You must undertake an exercise of profiling your staff to identify their styles and innovator profile. The personality is an indicator of the person’s ability to find their rightful place in the team. With a satisfactory level of acceptance among the other team members.  Since every personality profile can add value to an organization and boost its innovation efforts. You must also identify the conflict potential by considering the cognitive preferences of various profiles.

 Create a map for team profiling

The exercise helps to assign scores to each personality profile and establish the innovator profiles. Which are valuable for creating a group profiling map. A group can be an entire organization, a business unit, a department, a work team, or everything taken together. While creating the profiling map, you should identify a concentration of profiles in the group. A map should reflect a style and dominant base corresponding to the corporate life cycle stage. Or industry or business function. If there is a profile concentration. You should add a few members to the team who can perform tasks. That other team members are not comfortable with. 

Define job profiles and link them to the specifics

Define each job profile that underlines the responsibilities, regular tasks about the role, the expected deliverables, and output. And the aspects of taking decisions and their importance. Attach a label to each job profile to describe it in the best way like ‘quantitative,’ ‘conceptual. And ‘entrepreneurial’ so that it is easy to understand the proper dimension of the role.    Choosing three attributes for each profile should help to describe the essential factors to succeed in the role.

Align the job and the role

On analyzing the profile for the role, it becomes clear whether the existing person can deliver. What the role demands from him or replaces him with some other candidate within the organization. However, ensure that the realignment should not cause any dissatisfaction that can affect productivity adversely. New recruitment might be necessary if no suitable internal candidate is available for the position.

Monitor the level of job satisfaction periodically and use the feedback to improve the teamwork.

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