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Fred Auzenne: Writing Blogs That Get Traffic, Leads and Change Lives

Blogging is one of the cost effective ways for small businesses to get traffic, leads and build their business says Fred Auzenne. But blogging without a strategy will not drive traffic or generate conversions. If you are starting a blog for your business, I suggest you look at Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout blog. It is an excellent resource with lots of examples to follow.

Here are 6 tips to help your blog grow:

1) Just Do it –

You can never start blogging too early. When it comes to growing business, time is definitely money! So just do it! The sooner you start; the better off you will be in the long run. The best time for me was when I had no money in my pocket but passion to take my business to the next level.

2) Focus on Traffic –

Once you have decided your topic, it is time start writing articles. You need to decide both the quantity and quality of articles that you would like to publish. It’s better not to waste time by publishing too many articles than too less amount of content. Quality always trumps quantity!

Before you set out to write your first blog post look at how much traffic each blog post has received in the past year or so, multiply it by three and only then write an article. If you are getting 300 visitors per day from a single article, it is fantastic result for your business as well as for readers who provide those 300 visitors after reading one single article!

3) Only write if you have something to say –

Every blogger has a different angle or point of view from which they present their content. But make sure it is unique and not copied from other sources says Fred Auzenne. If you want to become a successful blogger, always remember one fact: There is nothing new under the sun! So only if you bring your perspective, experiences and expertise in your articles, will people come back for more information.

4) Promote!!! Promote!!! Promote!! –  

Once you have created some amazing pieces of work, post them on Facebook groups related to your niche market. Also, don’t forget to share on Twitter! Remember, No matter how great of an article you may write but unless people read it, there is no value in it. So promote your content on all the social media platforms that you have access to!

5) Use page builders for faster blogging –

Writing longer articles may not be a bad idea but they are difficult to read through and will take time to rank high in search engine result pages. Also, guest blogging is really helpful especially when you are starting out with little or no traffic. It helps build exposure for your blog.

You need to use tools like Grammarly which checks for spelling errors, Ginger which checks grammar and style before posting, Yoast SEO plugin which makes optimizing each post much easier by checking title tag, meta description, keyword density, etc., Visual Website Optimizer which has A/B testing built-in for heatmaps and scroll maps. These tools will help you grow your blog much faster than ever before!

6) Keep it simple –

Many marketers make the mistake of over complicating their copywriting which leads to poor results says Fred Auzenne. Keep you’re writing simple, easy to understand and engaging for readers. It is important that they trust you as a brand first before they subscribe to your blog. Also keep your target audience in mind while creating content for them.

Write like you talk with an informal tone but do not be too casual because this could turn off many potential clients including me! I read articles written by millennials who write using words like “Lol”, “Bro” etc. which are beyond my comprehension sometimes so I just skip reading them!


Blogging is just like any other business. The more work you put into it, the more traffic and revenue you will get out of it! Always remember that having a blog is not enough, you have to work hard to make your blog successful. But once things start rolling in, blogging can be fun as well. Enjoy the journey while it lasts!

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