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Fred Auzenne- Tools To Improve Your Life Immediately

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information on the internet? Are you constantly missing out great tools because you are too busy to look through hundreds of possibilities? Stop wasting your valuable time looking for the perfect tool says Fred Auzenne. We have already done it for you!

Here is a list of top 5 apps that will make changing your life easier every day.

1. Forest

Most of us have a hard time staying focused when working on a computer so the simplest solution is to block your access to all websites but the one you are currently using.

However, this can be frustrating because you will not be able to find any information that you may need while working and even worse, if something accidentally opens in another tab, then it might distract you for hours.  

Forest app can help! It works like this:  You plant a seed and the tree grows while you stay focus on your task (in our case typing an article). If successful, at the end of each day you get coins (positive reinforcement) and flowers (negative punishment). The best part about this app is that you will not be able to use your phone while working (which is a big distraction).

You can download it for free on Android and IOS.

2. Healthifyme

When we create habits, we need to remember two things: schedule and reward. We avoid building new habits because we want immediate gratification so using this tool helps you plan success and feel good about you.

This app aggregates all of the best tips from various health experts such as vegan nutritionists, anti-inflammatory doctors, fitness coaches etc. It also combines those tips with science based diet plans that are permanent and not just crash diets popular at the moment!  

It frees up all the time wasted reading irrelevant information online and it helps you to follow a plan that works for you because all the information in this app is based on your lifestyle, health status and preferences explains Fred Auzenne.

You can download it for free on Android and IOS.

3. Sleep Cycle

Followers of Paleo believe that we should not eat anything processed if we want to be healthy but what about our sleep? Are we going to sacrifice our well-being by sleeping badly? In modern world, most people cannot avoid using their phones at night which leads to constant disruption of sleep patterns because screens emit blue light waves that stop production of melatonin hormone responsible for restorative deep sleep!

There are many apps available that promise they will fix your sleep problems but there seems no real winner so far. However, this app might be the best of them all because your phone records audio information while you sleep and it can track your sleep cycle.

When you wake up tired and still feel lethargic, it means that you are not sleeping well so this app can help you to figure out how to improve the quality of your sleep!

You can download it for free on Android and IOS.

4. MyFitnessPal

If we had to choose only one healthy habit in our life, this would probably be it: tracking what we eat. Unfortunately, many people do not like using their phones or other devices while they eat so they stop tracking altogether or they forget to input some ingredients which are a recipe for disaster if we want to improve our health.

This app makes tracking easy because all you have to do is scan the barcode on food products and it will automatically add the items in your daily tracker says Fred Auzenne. You can even scan magazine pictures or other people’s foods so you know exactly what you are eating!

You should not be surprised that there are many apps like this one available but this one seems to be the best because it is free, has a huge database of items and features (like barcode scanner) work well.

5. Habitica

Do you ever feel like life is too overwhelming? You keep setting goals but when faced with difficult choices you decide to do nothing? We all do it because it is tough to maintain balance between real life and self-improvement.

Habitica gamifies your life by making you complete mini quests like “write 500 words for your next article” or more complex tasks like “buy veggies”. The quests become harder as they go on but you can complete them with the help of virtual coins (positive reinforcement) and some punishments (like losing HP).

You should try this app if you are struggling with goals because it works great for both short term goals with clear rewards and long-term goals with less obvious benefits. If you need extra encouragement, the players in Habitica have created a wonderful community that always provides positive support!


Wrapping up, we would like to add that this article does not intend to promote any apps and other products says Fred Auzenne. We understand that there are many more great examples out there but we cannot mention them all in one article. We do think that these five apps should be among the first things you download if you want to improve your life because they can make a real difference and they will take only a couple of minutes each day!

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