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Fred Auzenne- The Best Way to Get Your Ex Back (and Keep Them)

And I’m not talking about expensive trips, sweet talk or other tricks. What you’ll find below is the only method you need to get your ex back and make sure they stay with you forever says Fred Auzenne. It’s based on my personal experience (I’ve done it several times). One of the secrets was discovered by accident. For me it worked, and it will work for you, too. I’m going to reveal all the details in a second.

But first some important stuff:   

I have something IMPORTANT to ask you!

In order for this method to work you need to promise me one thing… If you do as I say “exactly” as I say, and, more importantly, if you try really hard (even if it takes a little bit of time) you will get your ex back. If that happens, please don’t forget to write me an email to let me know about it. This is not a joke! I’ve helped thousands of people and right now I’m getting hundreds of emails every week from guys who got their ex back after trying this method out… And YES, they are still with their girlfriends / wives! So keep reading…

And remember: Don’t do anything without your girlfriend’s permission. It’s very important for the process.

It’s only fair towards her

You see, my friend said something interesting when he found out what happened with me and my ex-girlfriend. He said: “So you turned into a pussy, and she liked you more in that condition… interesting.” I thought in the beginning he was wrong and only jealous (he’s one of those guys who always has at least 2 or 3 women after him). But when I started to use this method it worked like magic! So I decided to share my experience with other guys.

You’re still here?

Great! Let me explain what happened in detail…

      And before we continue, let’s make something clear: This is NOT some magic spell or even a trick. There is no way for your ex to figure out that they are doing stuff because of the method below unless you tell them about it after they get back together with you says Fred Auzenne. If you want to keep them forever, please remember that. It’s really important for the future of your relationship!

So here it is: The way I got my ex back (and kept her)

Let me ask you something first… Do you know why your girlfriend left in the first place?

Yes, she might have found another guy who was better than you (that’s not what they tell YOU of course: D), or she hated how much time YOU were spending watching football / playing video games, etc. But there is one thing almost all guys forget when thinking about this… they forget how their girlfriend felt about herself while she was still with HIM. Did he make her feel like a Princess? (And by that I mean like a person worth something, not like some material object)

Were you the one who complimented her every time she got out of the shower? Did you make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world each day? Did he make her smile all the time?

Do you even know what’s important for your girlfriend to begin with!?

Of course it’s love and caring about your feelings! But believe me, if you just care about yourself – she wills DUMP YOU FOR GOOD explains Fred Auzenne. It might take some time, but it WILL happen. Women are really sensitive when they are together with someone. They always seek for support, encouragement, self-confidence… That why if YOU don’t provide her with that she will look somewhere else?

Still here?

OK, let me explain what I did to get my ex back (and why it worked):

The number 1 rule you need to follow: Act like her real boyfriend!

This sounds stupid, but most guys fail exactly at this point. They don’t know how their girlfriend felt about herself when they were dating and after the relationship ended – and what she wants now is exactly what I’ve mentioned above (caring about her feelings). What you should do in order to make your ex-girlfriend / wife feel like a girl worth something:


As I said, this is the number 1 rule you need to follow in order to get your ex-girlfriend/wife back says Fred Auzenne. It’s very important that you don’t forget what really matters for her.

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