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Fred Auzenne Suggests to Improve Your Social Media Video Marketing to Drive Brand Engagement

If you want to develop a successful, long-term marketing strategy, social media videos should be an important part of it says Fred Auzenne. According to studies, videos get the most engagement on social media, getting almost 60% more than other types of posts such as blogs. On Facebook, the top 1% of posts are videos. Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube each get around 15-20 billion views every day! Look around you, and you will find that every day more and more brands are veering towards the adoption of video marketing as a tool to connect with their target audience, and it is about time you do too.

Before you chalk up a social video marketing plan, here are a few things that you should know:

Native videos perform better

Native videos are those videos that are created for a specific platform and can be played on the feed, opposed to links to videos on a different host site. Also, native videos drive more engagement because they allow your audience to watch them as they scroll through the feed instead of having to move to a different website. This is why you need to make platform-specific videos.

Social media videos should be short but valuable

Let’s face it – not a lot of people will be willing to watch your 20-minute-long social media video. People are on social media to consume quick information. And only if they find something interesting to do, they explore it further. You should use your video as a hook. To get your target audience interested in your message. And it can only be possible if it is only around 2 to 3 minutes.

Stories sell

Hard selling never works, especially now with people becoming more aware of its underlying intentions. Your video should instead tell a story that connects your audience to you and engages them. If you truly want your target audience to take the desired action. You need to ensure that your video conveys a useful message that also tugs at their heartstrings ever so slightly. Fred Auzenne says that this is the best way to interact with your potential customers on a larger scale.

Quality over quantity, always

Quality always trumps quantity, and your social media videos are no different. Instead of trying to roll out dozens of low-quality videos in a month. Focus on creating superior-quality content, even if the quantity is less. You will notice that low-quality videos rarely go viral. And quality is not only about the resolution or video quality; it also concerns the message, purpose, and storytelling capacity.

Social media can be tricky to navigate. Especially now that there are millions of brands vying for the attention of the audience. Enlisting the help of professionals can give you an edge over your competition. You can easily find video marketing experts who can help you with it.

If you are looking for video marketing. Get in touch with us, and we will help you transform your social media marketing strategy into a success.

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