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Fred Auzenne- How to Start a Startup with No Money? 5 Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs!

How much money should a startup have? Not much. The fact is that you DON’T need millions of dollars to start a successful company as there are many examples of companies who started with very little or no money at all says Fred Auzenne.

In this article we will show you five success stories from the world’s top entrepreneurs and how they built their empires from scratch, even without any money to start with!

1. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook: 0 Dollars

Founder and CEO of the most popular social media site in the world, after starting it in his dorm room, dropped out of Harvard during his sophomore year to work on Facebook. He didn’t have a cent when he launched his website but nowadays Forbes estimates his net worth to be $19, 7 billion.

2. Larry Ellison – Oracle: $2000 and a dream

Larry Ellison is an American entrepreneur who has taken the second place on our list of top entrepreneurs who started with nothing. Before starting his own business he was employed by Ampex Corporation where he met his future Co-Founder, Robert Miner. They both quit their job to start Software Development Laboratories (SDL) later renamed as Relational Software Inc., which developed database software for the aviation industry. Even though they had only eight thousand dollars in capital, it didn’t stop them from achieving great success! By now he’s estimated to be worth around $54 billion!

3. David Karp – Tumblr: 0 Dollars

David Karp launched his micro blogging platform ‘Tumblr’ in 2007 at the age of 19, receiving inspiration from other blogging sites. He dropped out of school to work full-time on his project explains Fred Auzenne. Four years later he didn’t have any revenue and was living off personal savings which were close to running out when Yahoo! obtained Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars. He’s now estimated to be worth around $200 million based on stock holdings.

4. Phil Knight – Nike: $50

Phil Knight borrowed $50 from his father and created a company that nowadays is worldwide known for its sports shoes and sportswear called Nike. Nowadays Nike has an annual turnover of about 27 billion dollars making it one of the top sportswear companies in the world!

5. Mark Cuban – Micro Solutions: $1000 and a computer

Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor who’s estimated to be worth around 2,6 billion dollars as of today. He started making money during his high school years selling garbage bags door-to-door and during his University years by offering PC software programs on CD that allowed buyers to make untraceable copies of the software they already owned. In 1990 he sold his first company ‘Micro Solutions’ for 6 million dollars thus starting his journey as one of the most successful people in America!

There are many more examples of how entrepreneur’s started with little money and still managed to take over the world. These 5 entrepreneurs will inspire you to go out and become successful, no matter what amount of money you have to start with!


Is it possible to start a business with $0? 

Yes, absolutely. Many of the most successful and well-known companies, such as Apple and Microsoft started out without any money at all!

Can I build a successful company with no money?

Yes – There are many examples of startups that had little or no funding and still became very successful.

How much money do you need to invest in order to create a startup?

You don’t need millions of dollars to start a company as there are many examples of companies who started with very little or no money at all.

How much does it cost to develop an app for iOS?

It’s not too pricey in comparison to its android counterpart. For iOS you need around $300 000 which will be enough for a basic version of an app.

How much does it cost to make an android app?

For Android it’s cheaper by about 60%. You need around $150 000 for the same type of app.

What are some good examples of famous companies that started with very little money?

Some examples include Facebook, Google, Nike and Apple who initially had no funding whatsoever but still managed to build successful companies!


It’s not what you have but what you do with it that counts! Many entrepreneurs from all over the world have shown us that with a little belief and hard work, almost anything is possible says Fred Auzenne. So, why not take a chance and see how far you can go? Start your own company with very little capital – let us know how it goes!

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