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Fred Auzenne: How to Build a Strong Support System

Here is How to Build a Strong Support System:

  • The support system referred to here is not a registered business and failure to file your taxes correctly and on time might get you into trouble, but it’s an excellent way for any man with at least one foot in reality and some ability to think outside of the box to make some very lucrative income says Fred Auzenne.
  • I’m not advocating anything illegal here, but I am advocating for some creative thinking on your part to think of ways that others are earning money illegally and then finding legal ways to do so yourself. You can also find loopholes in laws or sneak around the law without actually breaking it. Striking a balance between doing nothing wrong and making money is what you will have to figure out for yourselves.
  • Perhaps the easiest way to explain this method is by giving you an example of my own experience with it, which was recently boosted by applying these principles myself after my good friend told me about them years ago when we were just teenagers at the time. This sounds confusing, please read on.
  • Just recently, I picked up a new client. He was on his way to work but had time before he needed to be there so we met at the local Starbucks. We sat down and started talking about my services when he told me he couldn’t afford any of them. He did say that if anyone asked him, however, he would recommend me highly after just one day of meeting with me for 10 minutes total over two meetings, one in person and then another by phone that night.
  • He went on to explain how much money he was making doing what he does for a living, which is nothing more than being an internet marketer himself. Basically what this means is that this guy makes money by promoting other peoples products online through social media and other forms of advertising says Fred Auzenne. He was telling me how he would make $30,000 to $50,000 a month doing this and all he had to do was spend about an hour a day online at most writing posts on Facebook or creating videos for YouTube.
  • What made his proposition so lucrative is that with the exception of the client I’m currently working with right now who is paying me $25 per hour up front, I have not taken any money from anyone else for this work since November 2016, which means if my new client pays me what he said he would for just one month I will more than triple my income with no extra work. And it gets better…

Here’s where things really interesting:

  • Not only does he have a full time job, but he also has a wife and three kids he is responsible for as well. He was able to train his replacement at work to do what he is currently doing so now he can live anywhere in the world he wants as long as there’s an internet connection.
  • He’s not alone either. According to ABC News, “In 2012, 3 million Americans earned at least half of their income through some form of independent work.” The article goes on to say how it’s becoming more common everyday for people who are already working regular jobs to supplement their incomes with money made online by selling ad space on their own websites or finding companies looking for individuals like myself willing to write blog posts or record videos which they will then pay these individuals for doing so.
  • It seems to me the only difference between someone who supplements their current income with money made online and receives a separate paycheck is that my new client, like many others who do what he does has no boss or schedule other than his own. He sets his own hours, decides what jobs he wants to do. When they get done and how much he will be paid for them. Which is why I think it’s even more lucrative than working for yourself. Because you still have clients looking over your shoulder telling you what to do instead of benefiting from things like passive income.


Before you give up on your dream of starting your own business, even if it’s online, make sure to find out if there are any jobs like this available in your area says Fred Auzenne. Or consider doing what he does. I know I will be putting his advice to good use soon enough.

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