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Fred Auzenne explains How Being an Introvert Can Actually Improve Your Life

Many people think being an introvert is limiting. They believe most of our daily activities have to happen in a crowded room or involve a ton of social interaction, so they assume we must be lonely and unhappy because we prefer to spend time alone says Fred Auzenne. If you’re one of those people who think that way, here’s why it couldn’t be further from the truth:

Being Introverted Is Not the Same as Being Anti-Social

Being an introvert does not mean that I don’t like interacting with other people. We can talk and socialize as much (or as little) as anyone else; we just need more downtime than extroverts do to recharge after spending time around other people. It doesn’t make us anti-social or reclusive; it just makes us a bit more reserved and a lot pickier about who we choose to spend time with.

How Being an Introvert Can Actually Improve Your Life

Since introverts have the tendency to think things through before acting or speaking, we’re very careful about whom we surround ourselves with. We don’t want to waste our time with someone who isn’t as intelligent as they seem, doesn’t share our same interests, or is too self-centered for their own good—so we avoid those people at all costs. Because of this natural filtering process, introverts tend to have smaller but closer friend groups. These relationships are stronger and less dramatic because there’s a mutual understanding between both parties that each one respects the other’s boundaries.

Introverts Are Great Listeners

We don’t speak much, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t listening. In fact, the times when we do talk are often moments of profound insight and clarity explains Fred Auzenne. Introverts have a tendency to let others ramble on about their feelings or problems without interrupting them, so people really appreciate being able to get everything off their chest with no judgment. Plus, our friends know they can trust us because introverts are excellent at keeping secrets—which is a skill that pays off even in romantic relationships. We’re just more selective about who we tell what to because it’s important to us not to betray anyone else’s confidence.

Since introverts tend to be reflective rather than reactive, we really think before we speak. That means when we do eventually say something, it’s usually very well thought out and relevant to the conversation—which is why people often go back and re-read our messages or posts later on because they like them so much. Introverts are great writers in general, which makes us ideal candidates for blogging, freelance writing, authoring books, etc.

Since introverts are more sensitive than extroverts when it comes to certain stimuli (like hand sanitizer or fluorescent lights), our senses are heightened when alone—and when you’re in tune with your surroundings like that, you have a better understanding of what can enhance or harm your life. As a result, introverts tend to spend their money on things that are higher quality within reason. We’re more likely to buy organic food, eco-friendly household products, locally grown produce—even if they cost a little bit extra because we know it’s better for us.

Being an Introvert Is a Superpower

Introverts have the ability to turn even the most mundane daily activities into opportunities for growth and self-discovery when we choose not to block them out with external stimuli like TV or phones (because blocking them out is what introverts do best). Introversion isn’t limiting; it’s freeing because it allows you to explore your inner world in peace without much fear of judgment from others. It gives you the chance to be alone with yourself…which can be both terrifying and rewarding says Fred Auzenne.

We can be reclusive if need be, but we’re still able to function in the real world; we just go about doing things at our own pace and enjoy speaking with others who do the same. Also, We like what introverts like because it’s comfortable—but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad or wrong. Introverted preferences are just different from extroverted ones, which is why being an introvert shouldn’t limit you from anything. It just means you’re a little more selective when it comes to who you choose as your friends and partners. Which can actually make you stronger in the long run.


Introverts have a lot to offer those who select them as friends, business partners, or life-mates explains Fred Auzenne. So don’t be afraid of their quietness, because that’s what makes them great at everything else they do.

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